Horizontal Earth Auger Testimonials

photo of horizontal auger boring project installing drain line out basement of home

Here is the task I put your 14 foot drill through (see above picture). I first had to bore with a mini 6 inch core bit 32 inches to get to dirt. Once there I used all 7 of the sections. It completed both holes under the porch without hand digging. The depth under the porch started at 6.5 foot. I ended the sewer lines 62 feet at the curb. I am finished with the drill now and it is for sale.

Stephen, homeowner
Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to write and say WOW!!!! What a great invention! What usually takes me an hour or so to get under (sidewalk) took me every bit of 5 minutes! I will definently do all I can to help spread the word of what great auger it is!!!!

Greg, plumber
Manassas, VA

I received my auger just in time to begin work on a job I have. It is fantastic! Saved me hours of digging or trying to use water pressure to blow out a hole. This is an awesome product and I will recommend it to others that are interested. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Ken, irrigation contractor
Baton Rouge, LA

"I bought your auger in January and just had a chance to use it last week. THIS THING IS GREAT, only wish I had found it years ago. THANKS-

Tom, electrician
Danville, CA

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